I always wanted to own a technical blog which would relate my latest thoughts, ideas and learnings but I never found the motivation or the time to build it.

However, this year has been a turning point in my career and after 5 years of fruitful collaboration with JobNinja (I was the cofounder and CTO), I decided to step back and start a new chapter of my career in Switzerland. Do not worry for JobNinja though, we hired people that I admire and that have the required qualities to continue disrupting the job board market in Germany.

That being said, I'm now a full stack engineer in a small but innovative consulting company called Quatico AG. We work for diverse clients, mostly on web projects and I have colleagues that are so good that it is faster and easier to ask them instead of going on Stackoverflow!

Because of this change, I actually have some more time! I'm not working my 80+ hours a week anymore and it is extremely enjoyable! That largely contributes to the creation of this blog.

Why an own website?

There is a lot of alternatives to post content to the internet: you can create a Medium profile, write Facebook or LinkedIn Articles, write Twitter threads, start a Youtube channel, create a Spotify Podcast. All these solutions are great but I see  a few problems:

  • It is very standardised, you cannot customise the user experience of the visitor, you depend on the goodwill of a platform.
  • If you try to monetise your content, their rules will apply
  • As a (mostly web) software engineer, I have no room to showcase my expertise.
  • It is very fragmented, you have half of your content on one platform and the rest somewhere else. I find it pretty cumbersome.

What will be on this website?

A classical Software Engineering Blog

I wrote few articles on Medium during the last years and they will be available on this blog (I will eventually close my Medium account). I will try to post articles about miscellaneous technical subjects every now and then to force me to rethink and deeply understand the subject the article will be about.

My portfolio

I wrote few software solutions in the past years and they will be grouped here. I think that every software engineer should create a portfolio to counter demotivation and imposter syndrome. Feel illegitimate ? Have a look at your portfolio and you will see how much you already achieved! If there is some interesting details about the projects I made, I will try to share my experience in some blogposts.


In the same logic of "one-stop-shop", my CV is available in case you have any interest in my skills.